Submit your entries for the 2014 Salon competition

Don’t forget to submit your entries for the 2014 Salon competition.

Look through your digital and print entries for competition this year (Sept 2013 thru April 2014) and plan which you will submit for Salon.

Submit names of your digital entries on the form at SVCC Salon Entry Form Projected Images 2014.doc.  Aiden and Harvey have the digital images already; you only need to submit the form that identifies your submissions in each category.

Entry lists for Projected Image entries should be given to the chairman at or before the April 21st projected image competition.  Remember, no more than 10 entries are permitted selected from monthly entries during 2013-2014.

Entry lists for Monochrome and Color Prints are due by the April 28th print competition meeting along with the prints themselves. There is also an entry limit of 10 prints for Monochrome and 10 prints for Color from prints submitted during the 2013-2014 monthly judging. Also provide an envelope containing your name strips (enough for one to be placed during salon on each print entered). The submission form is available at: SVCC Salon Print Forms 2014.pdf

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