SVCC Annual Print Showing CenterPlace November 2014

Fox Center Piece

After a year out of the schedule, Spokane Valley Camera Club (SVCC) members are again invited to show their prints at CenterPlace in the Valley in November 2014. The Spokane Valley Arts Council (SVAC) has invited the club to display matted prints in about November, exact dates not yet known.

After several years showing (but with one year off the schedule), members can again submit matted prints for possible showing. Please submit new work which has not been exhibited at CenterPlace in a previous showing. All prints should have Black or White mats (no colored mats will be presented in the showing).

Here is how to take part:
Complete an entry form for each print and attach form to the back of the image. Bring your prints in a secure box or bag with your name and address marked on the outside. You may submit several prints and each SVCC member will have at least one on display. Depending on number of images submitted, the number being shown will vary. Often we can show all prints submitted but the number the club may display depends on size of submitted prints and how many are submitted. There is no charge to enter.

Do it now! Get your prints ready! You may even bring them to SVCC summer planning meeting in July but they will not be returned until our schedule ends. The schedule is often extended; therefore, SVCC prints may stay longer than the scheduled month. — Jean Timmermeister

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