2014 October

October 2014 Print Results

October 2014 Monochrome Print Winners

1st Don McIntyre – New Mexico Aspens
2nd Phil Hull – Palouse Farm No. 1
3rd Larry Miller – Over the Hill
HM Don Burnell – Steam Engine No. 1
HM Mary McIntyre – Homestead Ruin

October 2014 Color Print Winners

1st Bob Stephens – Fall Bighorn
2nd Tony Roche – Grilled
3rd Bob Stephens – Drip Drying
HM Roger Hartman – Palouse Fallow Ground
HM Don McIntyre – Sunflower Aglow

October 2014 Projected Images

Subject – Selective Focus

1st Allan Park – My Eye is on You
2nd Rich Batchelder – That’s a Mouthful
3rd Jerry Biggs – Lupine Trio
HM Susie Middaugh – Water Drops
HM Steve Shining – Pika On Lichens


1st John Dean – Shadows in the Sand
2nd Jerry Brooks – Short-eared Owl
3rd Eileen Carroll – Windows
HM John Dean – Nature’s Artistry