2014 November

November 2014 Print Results

November 2014 Monochrome Print Winners

1st Mary McIntyre – Acoma Pueblo
2nd Don McIntyre – Twisted
3rd Fred Betts – Rowin’ On The River
HM Phil Hull – Frozen Lake
HM Fred Betts – Boot Lock

November 2014 Color Print Winners

1st Kathleen Roche – Peony
2nd Nancy Crawford – The Forest in Autumn
3rd Mary McIntyre – Old Pullman
HM Susie Middaugh – Rain Washed Dahlia

November 2014 Projected Images


Subject – Farm Machinery

1st Jerry Brooks – Irrigation System
2nd Harvey Brown – Out to Pasture
3rd Tony Roche – Farm Essentials
HM Steve Shining – Old Time Tractor Plowing


1st Susie Middaugh – Dragonfly
2nd Adriane Borgias – The Last Dahlia
3rd Cynthia Betts – Streaming Aspens
HM Carlene Hardt – Sunrise Reflection
HM Don McIntyre – Pork On The Run