2014 December

Print Results – December 2014

December 2014 Color Print Winners
1st Bob Stephens Northern Shoveler
2nd Phil Hull Fire Works
3rd Mary McIntyre Abandoned
HM Larry Miller Garden Waterfall
HM Jack Newcomb Resting Swan

December 2014 Monochrome Print Winners
1st Don McIntyre Dowitcher
2nd Mary McIntyre Park Avenue
3rd Phil Hull Bargain Trucks
HM Don McIntyre Wheels Down
HM Phil Hull Grandma’s Sunday Drive

December 2014 Projected Images

Subject – Leading Lines
1st Rosemarie Bisiar Preparations at Prosser
2nd Cynthia Betts White Water Walking
3rd Cynthia Betts Hark! What Light…
HM Harvey Brown Refuge in the Arctic
HM Harvey Brown Spiral

1st Susie Middaugh Emerging Beauty
2nd Tony Roche Low Tide at Sunrise
3rd Don McIntyre Kill Deer
HM Fred Betts Westward
HM Adriane Borgias Mother and Child
HM John Dean Dawn’s Early Light

Bhopal: Thirty Years Later

12/1 Bhopal: Thirty Years Later

Dec 1, 2014 7:00 PM
Denny Ashlock Building
Liberty Lake

Adriane and Brandan Borgias’ visits to India began in 2006. With a team of US colleagues they provided environmental training to Indian professionals. In 2010-2011, Adriane’s Fulbright Scholarship brought them back to India, where they were stationed for 4 months in Bangalore. Curiosity took them to Bhopal, the site of the worst environmental disaster in history — the Bhopal gas tragedy of Dec 3, 1984.