Mar 14: Scavenger Hunt/Potluck

Potluck/Results night for the Annual Scavenger Hunt
Orchard Crest Retirement Center
Saturday, March 14, 2015 5:30 PM

Larry Miller worked with Jan Hannink to compile a list of 30 items to challenge your photographic skills.   Submit 25 of the items on a thumb drive or disc at the March 14 potluck.

The Scavenger Hunt Results will be presented along with a Potluck on March 14 at Orchard Crest Retirement Center (just south of Sprague on Evergreen in the Valley).  Sign up sheets for the potluck will be available at the February meetings so think about what you can bring. We’ll start at 5:30 PM and eat by 6:00 PM so there is plenty of time to see the results of the scavenger hunt.


  1. Night road scene
  2. Big and Little
  3. Indoor portrait (no flash ! )
  4. Ladder or stairway
  5. Footprints of man
  6. Bird(s) in flight
  7. Gate or door
  8. Nature under foot
  9. Hands
  10. Reflection
  11. 1970’s era phone
  12. Silhouette of person or animal
  13. Junk or pollution
  14. Train or railroad
  15. Traffic sign or signal
  1. Movement or motion
  2. Architecture (angles, curves or gables)
  3. Country landscape
  4. Jewelry
  5. Pine or Fir cone
  6. Unusual leaf
  7. Peanuts in the shell
  8. Rope
  9. Bell or bell tower
  10. Wine bottles
  11. Sunset with subject
  12. Nature abstract
  13. Windows
  14. Water drops on tree
  15. Flag(s) on pole

Each person should photograph twenty-five images from the above list; one shot each.
Bring thumb drive or disk to the Scavenger hunt potluck for showing or narration.
All are on the honor system — no re-dos!!  Violators will be shot (by camera).

Questions on scavenger hunt: contact Larry Miller (928-6944)
Sign-ups or Questions on Potluck: contact Eileen Carroll (924-9982) or

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