2015 March

March 2015 Projected Images

March 2015 Projected Images Winners

Subject: Foggy Scene
1st Fred Betts Morning Traffic
2nd Jerry Brooks Rising Sun Over Fog
3rd Eileen Carroll Foggy Morning
hm Brandan Borgias Misty Coeur d’Alene Foothills
1st Nancy Crawford In Memory of My Father’s Service
2nd Harvey Brown IRadiant Tulips
3rd Adriane Borgias Lenticular lens
hm John Dean Center of Interest
hm Allan Park Unique Sunrise Reflection
Well Used Home - Allan Park

February 2015 Projected Images

February 2015 Projecte Images Winners
Subject — Old Buildings (Not Barns)
1st Allan Park Well Used Home
2nd Cynthia Betts The Barrio
3rd Mary McIntyre Old Homestead
hm Tim Clune Hay is in the Barn
hm Kathleen Roche Teton Cabin
1st Tony Roche Wetland Sunrise
2nd John Dean Smoky Forest
3rd Harvey Brown Turquoise-browed Motmot
hm Don McIntyre Tangle Falls

February 2015 Print Results

February 2015 Color Print Winners
1st Place Don Burnell Milkweed Pod
2nd Place Bob Stephens Royal
3rd Place Mary McIntyre Grosvenar Arch
HM Susie Middaugh Egert Launch
February 2015 Monochrome Print Winners
1st Place Mary McIntyre Alaskan Relic
2nd Place Mary McIntyre Devil’s Thumb
3rd Place Larry Miller The Trio
HM Don McIntyre Mountain Stream