Preparing Images for Projected Images Competition — Workshop (10/5/15) and Rules

Workshop:  “Preparing and Submitting Images to Spokane Valley Camera Club”

Monday, October 5, 2015 7:00 PM

This workshop will present an overview of our website and how to submit content or images (outside of competition). We hope to get feedback on the use and content of our website.

We will also review the club standards for submitting images for competition with SVCC. File naming conventions, image re-sizing and metadata requirements will be presented. Basic use of Lightroom and Photoshop for exporting images will be illustrated. We will include basic edits and cropping as ways to enhance your submitted images. Both submittal for projected images and for prints will be discussed.


  1. All digital images must be the original work of the entrant, processed by the entrant and originate as photographic images.
    1. Entrants may scan their own original slides and prints into digital format for competition, or they may have them scanned by another party.
    2.  Neither SVCC nor its members assume liability for any misuse of copyrighted imagery by the entrant.
  2. Images may be entered and judged in two (2) different categories.
    1. General – any image.
    2. Subject – listed in this yearbook. Images improperly entered in the subject category (as determined by the judge) will be moved into the general category.
  3. Image files
    1. Must be in .jpg file format and in the sRGB color space.
    2. Maximum horizontal dimension of 1400 pixels.
    3. Maximum vertical dimension of 1050 pixels.
    4. DPI = any
    5. Image file not larger than 1MB.
  4. File naming conventions:
    1. For General (Gn) Class entries: Title_FirstName_LastName_Gn
      1. example: Pretty Flower_John_ Doe_Gn
    2. For Subject (Sb) Class entries: Title_FirstName_LastName_Sb
      1. example: Pretty Flower_John_ Doe_Sb
  5. E-mail images to the Digital Chairman and the alternate no later than midnight on Thursday prior to the projected image judging night.
    1. Submit images (maximum of 2) in a single e-mail to AND
    2. E-mail subject line should read: Name, # Entries, Month
      1. example: John Doe, 2 Entries, Feb
    3. Don’t forget to attach properly named and sized file(s).
    4. Within the body of the email – enter image names as free text. These names will enhance the processing and tracking of images.
      1. Pretty Flower_John_ Doe_Gn
      2. Pretty Flower_John_ Doe_Sb
  6. Entrants may submit images personally or by mail on digital media, USB “thumb” drive preferred.
  7. If requirements are not followed, the images may not be judged.
  8. The Digital Chair or alternate will load submitted images on a laptop computer and will project images for competition.

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