2015 November

November 2015 Print Image Winners

Color Print Winners for November 2015:
1st Place Bob Stephens Waiting for Mom
2nd Place Maxey Adams With Grace
3rd Place Phil Hull Waterfall #2
HM Kathleen Roche La Conner Dahlia
Monochrome Print Winners for November 2015:
1st Place Don Burnell Peru Weaver #2
2nd Place Don McIntyre Bison
3rd Place Maxey Adams Clam Digging
HM Mary McIntyre Foggy Lot

November 2015 Projected Images

November 2015 Projected Images
Subject: Reflections
1st Place Tony Roche Hand Made
2nd Place Mary McIntyre Peek a Boo I See You
3rd Place Adriane Borgias Dawn Comes to the Pend Oreille River
HM Kathleen Roche Blue Reflection
HM Ed Santos Under Hanalei Pier
1st Place John Dean Sandscape
2nd Place Harvey Brown Sword-billed Hummingbird
3rd Place Fred Betts Attention Grabber
HM Nancy Crawford Family Swim