2015 December

December 2015 Print Winners and Standings

December 2015 Color Print Winners
1st Place Bob Stephens Clown Face
2nd Place Tony Roche Mountain Bluebird
3rd Place Don Burnell Two Sweet Girls
HM Bob Stephens Get Off My Beak
HM Larry Miller Bridal Veil Falls
December 2015 Monochrome Print Winners
1st Place Don Burnell Market Day
2nd Place Don McIntyre Rustic Mansion
3rd Place Mary McIntyre Starburst
HM Don McIntyre Heron Lookout

December 2015 Projected Images

December 2015 Projected Images
Subject: Trains
1st Place Tony Roche Steam Engine #7
2nd Place Rich Batchelder Comin’ ‘Round the Curve
3rd Place Tony Roche Iron Sides
HM Susie Middaugh Steam Engine
1st Place Susie Middaugh Bee Watching Me
2nd Place Harvey Brown Bugged
3rd Place Steve Shining Heron Portrait
HM Rosemarie Bisiar Seeing Double Hoatzin
HM Don Burnell Show down