2016 February

February 2016 Print Winners and Standings

February 2016 Color Print Winners
1st Mary McIntyre On The Prowl
2nd Nancy Crawford Horseshoe Bend
3rd Mary McIntyre Overgrown
HM Jack Newcomb Tree Amongst the Tulips
HM Don Burnell Terraces
February 2016 Monochrome Print Winners
1st Maxey Adams Grass Trimming Grizzly
2nd Mary McIntyre Honu at Ho’okipa
3rd Don McIntyre Pacific Power
HM Don McIntyre Star Trails at Devil’s Tower
HM Mary McIntyre Barn Owl

February 2016 Projected Images

February 2016 Projected Images – Architecture
1st Fred Betts Use Back Door
2nd Adriane Borgias Ancient Observatory
3rd Don McIntyre Guilin Spiral
HM Cynthia Betts Gold Rush
HM Don Burnell Triangles
1st Rosemarie Bisiar Matron of the Andes
2nd Susie Middaugh Close-Up
3rd Brandan Borgias Boats on River Ganga
HM Rich Batchelder Feather Detail
HM John Dean Desert Sunset