SVCC Upcoming Events

SVCC Upcoming Events

Print night in April will now come before Projected Images as follows:
Mon April 18th: Print Judging (third Monday instead of fourth)
Thu April 21st: Deadline for Projected Image submittal.
Mon April 25th: Projected Image Judging (fourth Monday instead of third)

Monday April 4th Club Meeting 7:30pm

Presentation: Lightroom Tutorial by Harvey Brownlightroom_2x

Harvey will focus on the changes in the new Lightroom engine and how to use them in post processing workflows. Also the range of adjustments available with this software will be explored.

The program on National Parks will be postponed for a later date.

Saturday March 26 Liberty Lake Water and Sewer Bldg. 3:00pm.

PSA Event: Selection for 2016 PSA Chapters Showcase

The purpose of this event is to select images to be entered in the PSA chapters showcase competition with other PSA chapters. This is a good opportunity to see how judging takes place where 39 images must be analyzed and narrowed to just 12 photos for the Showcase Event. SVCC members are welcome to attend and if you have questions please call Rosmarie Bisiar at 509-926-9906.

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