2016 May

April 2016 Print Winners

April Color Print Winners 1st Bob Stephens Smelling Red 2nd Mary McIntyre Among the Giants 3rd Phil Hull Old Door HM Tony Roche Light and Shadow HM Bob Stephens Gardian April 2016 Monochrome Print Winners 1st Mary McIntyre The King 2nd Phil Hull All Alone 3rd Don Burnell Bridge Reflection HM Susie Middaugh Mt. Hood

April 2016 Projected Images – Flower Parts

April 2016 Projected Images Subject Flower Parts 1st Tony Roche Just for Bees 2nd Rosemarie Bisiar Crocus Stamen and Pistil 3rd Adriane Borgias Bird Lips HM Rich Batchelder Lily Detail HM Steve Shining Jacobs Ladder General 1st Cynthia Betts Flamenco Dancer 2nd Adriane Borgias Zen Moment 3rd Steve Shining Raven Portrait HM Brandan Borgias Ganges […]