Salon 2016 Digital Winners

Salon 2016 Digital Winners
1 Sword-billed Hummingbird Harvey Brown
2 Got Me One Don McIntyre
3 On Golden Pond Carlene Hardt
HM Mirror Mirror On The Wall Maxey Adams
1 Flamenco Dancer Cynthia Betts
2 Bottle Collection Susie Middaugh
3 Trains Don Burnell
HM Bubbles Susie Middaugh
1 Lily Detail Rich Batchelder
2 Unfolding Tony Roche
3 Just for Bees Tony Roche
HM Red Columbine Jerry Biggs
1 Ancient Observatory Stairway to Heaven Adriane Borgias
2 Mission Arches Fred Betts
3 Highlights Cynthia Betts
HM Homestead in the Terraces John Dean
1 Antelope Canyon Nancy Crawford
2 Bee Watching Me Susie Middaugh
3 Heron Portrait  Steve Shining
HM Male Wood Duck Steve Shining
1 Disconnected Nancy Crawford
2 Emily Rich Batchelder
3 Kichwa Gentleman Harvey Brown
HM Matron of the Andes Rosemarie Bisiar
Photo Journalism
1 Ganges Boatmen Prepare for the Day Brandan Borgias
2 Not Suitable For Human Consumption Cynthia Betts
3 Steam Engine #7 Tony Roche
HM Use Back Door Fred Betts
1 Upward Bound John Dean
2 Early Morning Fishermen John Dean
3 Dawn Comes to the Pend Oreille River Adriane Borgias
HM Canyonlands Rosemarie Bisiar
Winter Themes
1 Morning Light Reveals Adriane Borgias
2 Frosty Twilight Steve Shining
3 Fence Line Rich Batchelder
HM Twilight at Lake Coeur DAlene Mary McIntyre
Best Wild Flower
Red Columbine Jerry Biggs
Most Creative
Flamenco Dancer Cynthia Betts
Best Human Interest
Disconnected Nancy Crawford
Authentic Wildlife
Sword-billed Hummingbird Harvey Brown
Image of the Year
Lily Detail Rich Batchelder
Bob Griffith Best Bird
Waiting for Mom (print)
Bob Stephens

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