2016 October

October 2016 Projected Image Winners

October Projected Images
Subject A Multitude of Something
1st Fred Betts Anthers Galore
2nd Cynthia Betts Crab Cakes
3rd Rosemarie Bisiar Staging for Migration
HM Don McIntyre Budapest Patchwork
HM Steve Shining SunFlowers
1st Don Burnell Hands of a weaver
2nd Rich Batchelder Fawn Friends
3rd Carlene Hardt Elegance
HM Marillyn Bashore Head On
HM Marilyn Bashore Triangulation

October 2016 Print Winners

October Color Print Winners
1st Marilyn Bashore Out Of The Blue
2nd Don Burnell Shooting Star
3rd Marilyn Bashore Edifice Complex
HM Bob Stephens Coming Mom
October Monochrome Print Winners
1st Mary McIntyre Ever Watchful
2nd Larry Miller Deer On The Roof
3rd Cynthia Betts Reflecting On Perspective
HM Mary McIntyre Kaiser Jubilee Church