2017 January

January 2017 – Projected Image Winners

Subject: Night Photography
Rank Maker Title
1 Mary McIntyre Mt Whitney Dreamscape
2 Allan Park What a Moon
3 Brandan Borgias Ponderosa Glow
HM Adriane Borgias Night Cruise
HM Don McIntyre Rhyolite by Moonlight
1 Cynthia Betts Calle Corner
2 Don McIntyre Flying
3 Harvey Brown Menorah
HM Tim Clune Squatters Rights
HM John Dean Mountain Terrain

January 2017 Print Winners

January Color Print Winners
1st Bob Stephens Big Red
2nd Bob Stephens Lethal Look Back
3rd Kathleen Roche Blue Fender
HM Don McIntyre Vienna Sunrise
HM Tony Roche Classy Aster
January Monochrome Print Winners
1st Don McIntyre Puppy Dreams
2nd Don Burnell Market Day
3rd Laura Kuperstein A Man and his ‘best friend’
HM Don Burnell Lady of South America
HM Don McIntyre Minding the Nest