Scavenger Hunt – 2017


  • Each person should try to photograph twenty five (25) images from the list below.
  • ONE shot each, unless you are doing something special: HDR, stacking, panorama, composite, etc. (Show us the parts, too.)
  • If you do post production with Lightroom, Photoshop, etc, show both BEFORE and AFTER. (Save a .jpg before you start and another when you are done or use history.)
  • Bring files (.jpg) on a thumb drive or disk to the Scavenger hunt potluck for showing.

Questions: contact Rosemarie Bisiar (926-9906) or

Sign-ups for Potluck: contact Rosemarie Bisiar (926-9906) or

The Potluck will be at Orchard Crest at 4th and Evergreen, Spokane Valley on Saturday March 18th at 5:30 PM.

Scavenger Hunt 2017 Subjects:

  1. Water drops
  2. Macro
  3. Anything but white
  4. Church entrance
  5. Converging lines
  6. Hands
  7. Automotive detail
  8. Song title
  9. Country life
  10. Something yellow
  11. On the wall
  12. Indoors
  13. Beauty in Nature
  14. Signs of the Season
  15. Begins with “F”
  16. Unusual lawn ornament
  17. The world at my feet
  18. High-key1
  19. Traffic
  20. Discarded/ Abandoned
  21. Fence(s)
  22. Three of a kind
  23. Window Reflection
  24. Frozen
  25. Skyscape
  26. Night Scene
  27. Church
  28. First Sign of Spring
  29. Historical building
  30. Spokane Skyline
  31. Chicken
  32. Bicycle spokes

1 Having a predominance of light or bright tones.

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