2017 March

March 2017 – Projected Image Winners

Subject: Rusted & Busted
Rank Member Name Image
1st Tony Roche Stude
2nd Mary McIntyre Ain’t Goin Nowhere
3rd Tim Clune Steam Plant Fun
HM Tony Roche Mileage Plus
HM Adin Smith Wagon Wheel Hub
Rank Member Name Image
1st Adriane Borgias Grand Perspective
2nd Cynthia Betts Patchwork Hacienda
3rd Allan Park Body Art
HM Don Burnell Bristlecone Pine at sunset
HM Don Burnell Gossiping in the market place

March 2017 – Printed Image Winners

Color Prints
Award Member Print Title
1st Kathleen Roche Orange Burst
2nd Bob Stephens Winter Pintail
3rd Bob Stephens Pouncing
HM Susie Middaugh Dragon Head
HM Tony Roche Reaching Up
Monochrome Prints
Award Member Print Title
1st Mary McIntyre Anemone Trio
2nd Mary McIntyre Mesquite Dunes
3RD Don McIntyre Starry, Starry Night
HM Phil Hull Tracks In The Snow
HM Don McIntyre Cold River