2017 April

April 2017 – Projected Image Winners

Subject: Clouds
1st Rosemarie Bisiar Spectacular Desert Evening
2nd Carlene Hardt Corrugated Sunset
3rd Tony Roche Fog Lifting
HM Tony Roche Storm Clouds at Sunset
HM Rich Batchelder Clouds at Sunset
1st Susie Middaugh Clematis
2nd Rich Batchelder Frozen
3rd Adriane Borgias Nose to nose with Auntie Laurel
HM Adin Smith Glacial Lilly
HM Cynthia Betts Complete Street

April 2017 Print Results

April Color Prints
Award Member Print Title
1st Susie Middaugh Peacock Feather
2nd Don McIntyre Smith Rock Bend
3rd Kathleen Roche Burst of Gold
HM Bob Stephens Gathering Mortar
HM Mary McIntyre Zion Ripples
SVCC Monochrome Print Scores
Award Member Print Title
1st Don McIntyre Alaskan Winter
2nd Rodger Hartman Tate
3rd Bob Stephens Chick Sitting
HM Mary McIntyre Eye To Eye

SVCC Special Program: San Miguel de Allende

On Monday, May 1st, Fred and Cynthia Betts are going to present a program on San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. San Miguel is located in the mountainous central region of Mexico in the “county” of Guanajuato. It forms a triangle with Mexico City to the south and Guadalajara to the west. Founded in 1540, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its Spanish-American architecture.

Monday, May 1, 2017 7:00 p.m.

Denny Ashlock Bldg, Liberty Lake