2017 Salon Results

Awards and Images from the 2017 SVCC Salon

Subject Place Recipient Title
ANIMALS 1st Rosemarie Bisiar Hippopotamus Amphibious
2nd Rosemarie Bisiar Aerial Combat
3rd Susie Middaugh We Are Hungry
HM Rich Batchelder Fawn Friends
ARCHITECTURE 1st Brandan Borgias Jantar Mantar
2nd Cynthia Betts Patchwork Hacienda
3rd Adriane Borgias Grand Perspective
HM Brandan Borgias Amer Fort
CREATIVE 1st Rosemarie Bisiar Cyclonic Color
2nd Cynthia Betts Grate Full
3rd Fred Betts Sunset Blvd
HM Harvey Brown FIRE!
FLOWERS 1st Susie Middaugh Clematis
2nd Fred Betts Anthers Galore
3rd Jerry Biggs Blue Trio
HM Don Burnell Purple Crocus
GENERAL 1st Cynthia Betts Calle Corner
2nd Don Burnell Doorways
3rd Cynthia Betts Crab Cakes
HM Don McIntyre Stuck in a Rut
NATURE 1st Harvey Brown Fresh
2nd Steve Shining Great Gray Owl
3rd Steve Shining Prairie Mule Deer
HM Don Burnell Peek a Boo
PEOPLE 1st John Dean Tending the Rice Crop
2nd Don Burnell Hands of a Weaver
3rd Mary McIntyre Taking Air
HM Adriane Borgias Nose to Nose with Auntie Laurel
SCENIC 1st Steve Shining Palouse Carpet
2nd Steve Shining Jigsaw Patterns
3rd Tony Roche Storm Clouds at Sunset
HM Rosemarie Bisiar Beneath the Milky Way
WINTER THEMES 1st Rich Batchelder Frozen
2nd Don Burnell Winter Time
3rd Allan Park That’s a Low Cloud
HM Brandan Borgias Waves Over Mt Hood
Best Authentic Wildlife – Dr Wayne Lockwood, APSA Award Rosemarie Bisiar Hippopotamus Amphibious
Best Human Interest Projected Image – Harrison Memorial Award Adriane Borgias Nose to Nose with Auntie Laurel
Best Wildflower Projected Image Jerry Biggs Blue Trio
Bob Griffith Memorial Best Bird Award (Best projected image or print of a bird) Rosemarie Bisiar Aerial Combat
Most Creative Projected Image – Agnes Detwiler Memorial Award Rosemarie Bisiar Cyclonic Color
Projected Image of the Year – from 1st Place winners in all categories Steve Shining Palouse Carpet


Subject Place Recipient Title
ANIMALS 1st Mary McIntyre Buddies
2nd Bob Stephens Night Hunter
3rd Bob Stephens Twins
HM Tony Roche Shark Buffet
ARCHITECTURE 1st Don McIntyre Medieval Bruges
2nd Kathleen Roche Remodel
3rd Don McIntyre Vienna Sunrise
HM Mary McIntyre Windmill Duo
CREATIVE 1st Susie Middaugh Peacock Feather
2nd Kathleen Roche Blue Fender
3rd Tony Roche Clear View
HM Susie Middaugh Floating Leaf
FLOWERS 1st Larry Miller Pinky
2nd Kathleen Roche Manito Dahlias
3rd Tony Roche Classy Astor
HM Don Burnell Shooting Star
GENERAL 1st Mary McIntyre The Fire’s Out
2nd Bob Stephens Lethal Look Back
3rd Don Burnell MarketPlace
HM Tony Roche Wet Hosta
NATURE 1st Don Burnell This Wise Old Owl
2nd Don McIntyre Low Tide
3rd Mary McIntyre Mono Lake Sunrise
HM Bob Stephens Coming Morn
PEOPLE 1st Don Burnell Wash Day
2nd Don Burnell Who Has the Last Laugh
3rd Susie Middaugh Hard Landing
HM Laura Kuperstein Everyone Needs a Hug
SCENIC 1st Don McIntyre Mt Whitney thru Mobius Arch
2nd Mary McIntyre Palouse Falls Basin
3rd Tony Roche Bridge Over Thin Water
HM Mary McIntyre First Light at Badwater Basin
Color Print of the Year – from 1st Place winners in all categories Don McIntyre Medieval Bruges
Outstanding Nature Color Print – Harold Lutes, FPSA Memorial Award Don Burnell This Wise Old Owl
Subject Place Recipient Title
ANIMALS 1st Bob Stephens Papa
2nd Larry Miller Wolf Dog
3rd Mary McIntyre Ever Watchful
HM Mary McIntyre Eye to Eye
ARCHITECTURE 1st Mary McIntyre Kaiser Jubilee Church
2nd Don McIntyre Still Standing
3rd Mary McIntyre Under the Bridge
HM Cynthia Betts Stripes of the Tiger
GENERAL 1st Don Burnell Market Day
2nd Mary McIntyre Strange Stovepipe
3rd Mary McIntyre Gears
HM Don Burnell Close Up of Wheel Hub
NATURE 1st Don McIntyre Fish Creek Falls
2nd Mary McIntyre Mesquite dunes
3rd Mary McIntyre Anemone Trio
HM Bob Stephens Chick Sitting
PEOPLE 1st Don Burnell Lady of South America
2nd Don McIntyre Morning Race
3rd Laura Kuperstein Sweet Pea and Legoman
HM Laura Kuperstein Cocoa Contemplation
SCENIC 1st Don McIntyre Alberta Falls
2nd Don McIntyre Starry, Starry Night
3rd Mary McIntyre Close Encounters
HM Don Burnell Tent Rocks
WINTER THEMES 1st Laura Kuperstein Snowy Branches
2nd Don McIntyre Alaskan Winter
3rd Bob Stephens Shasta
HM Don McIntyre Cold River
Monochrome Print of the Year – from 1st Place winners in all categories Bob Stephens Papa
Awards for Either Color or Monochrome Prints
Best Portrait Award Don Burnell Lady of South America
Most Creative Print selected from only the Creative Category Susie Middaugh Peacock Feather

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