2017 September

September 2017 Judging

September 2017 Projected Image Winners
Subject In Motion
1st Rosemarie Bisiar BiPlane Ballet
2nd Rich Batchelder Roller Race
3rd Harvey Brown Got It
HM Rosemarie Bisiar Hold Tight
HM Mary McIntyre Lynx Kitten on the Move
1st Steve Shining Bisons Eye
2nd Don Burnell Bearded Dragon
3rd Brandan Borgias Myst
HM Cynthia Betts Lit

2017/2018 Projected Images Categories

Projected Images/Subjects for 2017 – 2018
Submissions are due the Thursday prior to the 4th Monday of the month.
Month Category
September: In Motion
October: Dramatic Skies
November: Playing with Geometry
December: Reflection
January: Composite Images
February: Night Scenes
March: Frozen
April: Church(es)