October 2017 Judging

October 2017  Winners    Judge – Jay Cousins
Projected Images
Subject: Dramatic Skies
1st Cynthia  Betts Crackle and Burst
2nd Adriane  Borgias Sunset at Nisqually
3rd Harvey  Brown Earth Glow – August 21 2017
HM John  Dean Sunset at Kawanda
1st Fred  Betts Quarter Light
2nd Susie  Middaugh Falling Leaves Blizzard
3rd Cynthia  Betts Fall Lineup
HM Michelle  Cox Riverfront Resting Spot
October 2017 Print Winners
Color Prints
Award Member Print Title
1st Susie Middaugh Iris
2nd Mary McIntyre Ready To Pounce
3rd Susie Middaugh Swallowtail
HM Bob Stephens Splendor In The Grass
HM Laura Kuperstein Look @ That!
October 2017 Print Winners
Monochrome Prints
Award Member Print Title
1st Don Burnell Angles No. 2
2nd Bob Stephens Berry Breakfast
3rd Don McIntyre Grounded By the Light
HM Bob Stephens Come On!