2018 January

January 2018 Gallery

Subject: Composite Images Cataldo Mary Colorful Hot Spring Dancing with the Stars Eclipse Fox in Awe General Category Basking in the Sun Hermatage Courtyard Iguana Morning Light Sunrise Sliver of Tamarack Tides Out Zabrinski Point

January 2018 Judging

January 2018 Winners | Judge – Craig Sweat
Projected Image
Subject: Composite Image
1st Tony Roche Fox in Awe
2nd Adriane Borgias Cataldo Mary
3rd Harvey Brown Dancing with the Stars
HM Harvey Brown Eclipse
HM Steve Shining Colorful Hot Springs
1st Brandan Borgias Iguana
2nd Brandan Borgias Basking in the Sun
3rd Cindy Bell Tides Out
HM Carlene Hardt Sunrise Sliver of Tamarack
HM Don McIntyre Zabrinski Point