2017 Salon Results

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Best Authentic Wildlife Rosemarie Bisiar Hippopotamus Amphibious
Best Human Interest Adriane Borgias Nose to Nose with Auntie Laurel
Best Wildflower Jerry Biggs Blue Trio
Bob Griffith Memorial Best Bird Rosemarie Bisiar Aerial Combat
Most Creative Rosemarie Bisiar Cyclonic Color
Projected Image of the Year Steve Shining Palouse Carpet

April 2017 – Projected Image Winners

Subject: Clouds
1st Rosemarie Bisiar Spectacular Desert Evening
2nd Carlene Hardt Corrugated Sunset
3rd Tony Roche Fog Lifting
HM Tony Roche Storm Clouds at Sunset
HM Rich Batchelder Clouds at Sunset
1st Susie Middaugh Clematis
2nd Rich Batchelder Frozen
3rd Adriane Borgias Nose to nose with Auntie Laurel
HM Adin Smith Glacial Lilly
HM Cynthia Betts Complete Street

April 2017 Print Results

April Color Prints
Award Member Print Title
1st Susie Middaugh Peacock Feather
2nd Don McIntyre Smith Rock Bend
3rd Kathleen Roche Burst of Gold
HM Bob Stephens Gathering Mortar
HM Mary McIntyre Zion Ripples
SVCC Monochrome Print Scores
Award Member Print Title
1st Don McIntyre Alaskan Winter
2nd Rodger Hartman Tate
3rd Bob Stephens Chick Sitting
HM Mary McIntyre Eye To Eye

March 2017 – Projected Image Winners

Subject: Rusted & Busted
Rank Member Name Image
1st Tony Roche Stude
2nd Mary McIntyre Ain’t Goin Nowhere
3rd Tim Clune Steam Plant Fun
HM Tony Roche Mileage Plus
HM Adin Smith Wagon Wheel Hub
Rank Member Name Image
1st Adriane Borgias Grand Perspective
2nd Cynthia Betts Patchwork Hacienda
3rd Allan Park Body Art
HM Don Burnell Bristlecone Pine at sunset
HM Don Burnell Gossiping in the market place

March 2017 – Printed Image Winners

Color Prints
Award Member Print Title
1st Kathleen Roche Orange Burst
2nd Bob Stephens Winter Pintail
3rd Bob Stephens Pouncing
HM Susie Middaugh Dragon Head
HM Tony Roche Reaching Up
Monochrome Prints
Award Member Print Title
1st Mary McIntyre Anemone Trio
2nd Mary McIntyre Mesquite Dunes
3RD Don McIntyre Starry, Starry Night
HM Phil Hull Tracks In The Snow
HM Don McIntyre Cold River

February 2017 – Projected Image Winners

February 2017 – Projected Image Winners
Subject – Light Painting
Rank Maker Title
1 Don McIntyre Painted Tower
2 Adin Smith Anthurium Highlights
3 Tony Roche Two Germans and a Swede
HM Don McIntyre Red Light District
Rank Maker Title
1 Steve Shining Palouse Carpet
2 John Dean Tending the Rice Crop
3 Don Burnell Mystery Valley
HM Rosemarie Bisiar  Cyclonic Color
HM Susie Middaugh We Are Hungry

February 2017 Print Winners

SVCC Color Print Scores
Award Member Print Title
1st Kathleen Roche Remodeled
2nd Don Burnell Looking Through
The North Window
3rd Don McIntyre Wind Formed
HM Mary McIntyre Badwater Basin
HM Bob Stephens Rising Short Ear
SVCC Monochrome Print Scores
Award Member Print Title
1st Don Burnell Close Up
2nd Mary McIntyre Strange Stovepipe
3rd Mary McIntyre Nestled in the Trees
HM Don Burnell Close Up Of Wheel Hub
HM Don McIntyre Morning Race

Scavenger Hunt – 2017


  • Each person should try to photograph twenty five (25) images from the list below.
  • ONE shot each, unless you are doing something special: HDR, stacking, panorama, composite, etc. (Show us the parts, too.)
  • If you do post production with Lightroom, Photoshop, etc, show both BEFORE and AFTER. (Save a .jpg before you start and another when you are done or use history.)
  • Bring files (.jpg) on a thumb drive or disk to the Scavenger hunt potluck for showing.

Orchard Crest at 4th & Evergreen, Spokane Valley, Saturday Mar 18th 5:30 PM.

Scavenger Hunt 2017 Subjects:

  1. Water drops
  2. Macro
  3. Anything but white
  4. Church entrance
  5. Converging lines
  6. Hands
  7. Automotive detail
  8. Song title
  9. Country life
  10. Something yellow
  11. On the wall
  12. Indoors
  13. Beauty in Nature
  14. Signs of the Season
  15. Begins with “F”
  16. Unusual lawn ornament
  17. The world at my feet
  18. High-key1
  19. Traffic
  20. Discarded/ Abandoned
  21. Fence(s)
  22. Three of a kind
  23. Window Reflection
  24. Frozen
  25. Skyscape
  26. Night Scene
  27. Church
  28. First Sign of Spring
  29. Historical building
  30. Spokane Skyline
  31. Chicken
  32. Bicycle spokes

January 2017 – Projected Image Winners

Subject: Night Photography
Rank Maker Title
1 Mary McIntyre Mt Whitney Dreamscape
2 Allan Park What a Moon
3 Brandan Borgias Ponderosa Glow
HM Adriane Borgias Night Cruise
HM Don McIntyre Rhyolite by Moonlight
1 Cynthia Betts Calle Corner
2 Don McIntyre Flying
3 Harvey Brown Menorah
HM Tim Clune Squatters Rights
HM John Dean Mountain Terrain

January 2017 Print Winners

January Color Print Winners
1st Bob Stephens Big Red
2nd Bob Stephens Lethal Look Back
3rd Kathleen Roche Blue Fender
HM Don McIntyre Vienna Sunrise
HM Tony Roche Classy Aster
January Monochrome Print Winners
1st Don McIntyre Puppy Dreams
2nd Don Burnell Market Day
3rd Laura Kuperstein A Man and his ‘best friend’
HM Don Burnell Lady of South America
HM Don McIntyre Minding the Nest